Fundraising Ideas

Raising funds for the Kids Cancer Charity is a great way to get involved with helping us making a difference to children with cancer and their families. With your help we can keep providing the services that make that difference.

You may already know what it is you're are going to do, but just in case you're stuck for an idea, we've listed a few to start you off.

PyjamaRama Wear your pyjamas to work or school for the day. Participants pay a fee of £1 for the "pleasure" of wearing their PJ's for the day. You could even have a competition for the best, worst and weirdest pyjamas.

Y.C.J.C.Y.1.P Put up a couple of signs around your desk at work or your table at your local that have Y.C.J.C.Y.1.P printed on them. When people then ask you what the initials stand for, tell them it will cost them £1 to find out. Once they've handed the money over, tell them not to tell anyone else and give them a card that says:

Crazy Golf Tournament Reserve a crazy golf course for the day. Advertise the event around work, school or college and charge a £1 participation fee. Give each participant a sponsor form and ask them to get friends, relatives or colleagues to sponsor them at 10p per hole. On the day, pair off the participants with a referee who will fill in a card keeping track of the number of strokes each player takes to complete each hole. The winner is the one who completes the course in the least number of strokes. If there is enough of you, you could even have a number of rounds culminating in a final of the top two "golfers". Award a trophy to the winner and this could become an annual event with the proceeds going to the Kids Cancer Charity!

Karaoke Idol Hire a karaoke machine with as many songs as they have for the night. Charge a participation fee to those who want to take part and an admission fee to those who just want to come along and laugh watch. The participants then perform in front of a group of "judges" who whittle them down to an eventual winner. No fighting over which one is going to be Simon Cowell and if I hear the Britney Spears song "One More Time"... I'll... I'll...!

You'd like to hold a fundraising event for us? Then get in contact with us for more details.